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Film Studies, also known as Cinema Studies, is an academic discipline that concerns itself with the critical approaches and conceptual tools used in the critique of film.

FILM STUDIES Wikia was founded on September 12, 2012. It is a budding community, and currently a work in progress. Hopefully, this wikia will be fully functional by the end of 2012, check back soon! Please do not hesitate to contribute to this wikia! - Founder, myeyeballs.


Film has an ubiquitous presence in many of our lives. FILM STUDIES Wikia aspires to be the most comprehensive and reliable Film Studies open resource on the web. Of course, this goal is still far from realisation.

FILM STUDIES Wikia is an ambitious project. Be it small grammatical editing, or inputting content of an entire category, all help is very much appreciated! If you would like to contribute as an administrator, please leave a message on Myeyeball's wall.

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Thank you for your patience with the completion of this resource. The following is a list of pages that are functional, and have reached the appropriate amount of content to be comprehensive.


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